Celebrate Crossword Puzzle Day


Crossword Puzzle Day is celebrated on December 21, on the anniversary of journalist Arthur Wynne publishing a crossword puzzle in the Sunday edition of “New York World” in 1913. Wynne was originally from Liverpool, England, where crossword puzzles were popular but more simplistic, elementary, and geared toward children. Within just a few years of Wynne introducing crosswords to the US, they were featured in nearly all American newspapers and became a fun pastime for adults. Wynne’s original puzzle can be found here

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Ask The Entomologist: It’s Summer Somewhere! How To Be Mosquito-Free On Vacation


If you’re seeking out warmer weather for your holiday break, just remember there’s no break from mosquitoes! Dr. Craig Stoops, LCDR MSC USN (ret.) is Mosquito Authority’s entomology expert, on board to answer a few questions to keep you safe from mosquitoes and the diseases they may carry.

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Keeping Pets Safe In Cooler Weather

dog sweater

Colder temperatures usually mean a drop in the mosquito population. If you’re in a cooler climate and are mosquito-free, that’s fantastic! Just remember, they may not be gone, but instead just hiding out until Spring. Eggs laid in Fall can survive the winter, and some species of adult mosquitoes can hibernate until temps begin to rise.

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