Plan Your Herb Garden Early


What would you rather use to season your spaghetti sauce: dusty and dried flakes of basil that have been sitting on a shelf in a grocery store for 6 months? Or bright, green, fresh basil leaves that you pick yourself from your own herb garden just steps away from your kitchen? It’s likely most folks will choose the fresh option.

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Planning Your Vegetable Garden


If you have a farmer’s market or other local source where you can buy fresh produce, you are fortunate. Nothing beats the taste of any fruit or vegetable that has not traveled very far by the time it gets to your kitchen. If you want to get that “fresh-picked” taste from your own backyard, consider growing your own vegetable garden this year. 

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Planting a Flower Garden


Most of our Mosquito Authority family is dealing with winter weather right now, and spring seems so far away. Even if snow is on the ground for you, believe it or not, now is a great time to be planning your flower garden. There is no shortage of options for what to plant, and it can be overwhelming. You can make your decisions by favorite colors or favorite flowers, but you need to make sure the timing of planting is suited to your area and the conditions on your property.

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