Ask The Entomologist: Pollinators – Myths vs Facts


Mosquito Authority respects the pollinators and beneficial insects which make up our ecosystem. Our Mosquito Control Specialists are trained to avoid treating any areas where pollinators hang out in your yard. We will target non-blooming foliage with our treatment, as that is where adult mosquitoes tend to reside.

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Deadliest Animal in the World

Mosquito Deaths

Mosquito Authority focuses on taking care of you and your family at your home. We try to educate the public on the potential dangers of mosquito-borne diseases, and suggest ways to rid your outdoor living space of the pests. Mosquitoes transmit diseases to humans, pets, livestock, and wildlife throughout the United States.

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Why We Need Mosquito Control


Why We Need Mosquito Control

You’ve researched tips and tricks for keeping mosquitoes out of your yard: shrubs to plant, candles to light, sprays to douse yourself in. Those methods may work temporarily, but they will not do anything to reduce the overall mosquito population.

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