Ask The Entomologist: Bee and Pollinator FAQs


As you know, we at Mosquito Authority love bees almost as much as we dislike mosquitoes! We train our Specialists to only treat areas where mosquitoes live and hang out, and to avoid blooming foliage where pollinators reside. Our founder, Joey Osborne, is a beekeeper, as are many of our franchisees and customers, and there are no reported ill effects even though we treat within 10 feet of active, healthy, backyard hives. 

Dr. Craig Stoops, our resident Entomologist, helps answer some of our commonly-asked questions about pollinators we see in our yards.

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Repellents and Sprays To Protect from Bites


One of our goals at Mosquito Authority is to educate the public about mosquitoes, the potential they have to carry diseases, and how to control them. We know that even if you are one of our clients and your yard is protected, eventually you’ll have to leave your property and you will encounter mosquitoes. 

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Stopping The Itch


Regular mosquito control on your property means Mosquito Authority will help you avoid pesky bites that can be annoying for days. But we can only help you if you are in an environment that we protect. Any time you leave your home you may encounter mosquitoes.

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Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Me?


If you are a Mosquito Authority client, you know the pleasure of mosquito-free living. When you leave your property, however, you will need to find other ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Even if you take precautions, do you still seem to get bitten? Do you feel like mosquitoes target you more than other people you hang out with? It may not be your imagination.

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