Ask The Entomologist: Bee and Pollinator FAQs


As you know, we at Mosquito Authority love bees almost as much as we dislike mosquitoes! We train our Specialists to only treat areas where mosquitoes live and hang out, and to avoid blooming foliage where pollinators reside. Our founder, Joey Osborne, is a beekeeper, as are many of our franchisees and customers, and there are no reported ill effects even though we treat within 10 feet of active, healthy, backyard hives. 

Dr. Craig Stoops, our resident Entomologist, helps answer some of our commonly-asked questions about pollinators we see in our yards.

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Ask The Entomologist: Fireflies


Fireflies on a warm summer night is a childhood memory shared by so many of us. You may remember breathlessly running around the yard trying to catch them, the fascination of observing their abdomens glow from inside a jar, watching the swarm fly away when you release them at the end of the night. 

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Ask The Entomologist: Pollinators – Myths vs Facts


Mosquito Authority respects the pollinators and beneficial insects which make up our ecosystem. Our Mosquito Control Specialists are trained to avoid treating any areas where pollinators hang out in your yard. We will target non-blooming foliage with our treatment, as that is where adult mosquitoes tend to reside.

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Ask The Entomologist: April Is Heartworm Awareness Month

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April is Heartworm Awareness Month. Did you know that mosquitoes are the sole cause of heartworm? Preventing your pet’s exposure to mosquitoes can be helpful, but pet owners know that regular treatment for heartworm is vital to maintaining your dog’s or cat’s health. 

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Ask The Entomologist: Preventing Ticks

The tick bites his hand. Mite under the skin. The hand of man. Tick in the forest. The tick bites his hand. Mite under the skin. The hand of man. bite, human, disease, parasite, flea, plague, health, render, white, bug, ixodes, ricinus, black, acarid, acaridan, acarus, bloodsucker, borreliose, borreliosis, carrier, closeup, creature, dangerous, fauna, infection, ixodid, macro, person, muktat

March is Tick Awareness month in Canada. Mosquito Authority has locations in Canada, and ticks are everywhere in the US, so we are taking the opportunity this month to provide information on tick control and tick populations throughout our service areas. 

Simply being aware of ticks is not enough, and there are many reasons to beware of ticks. We’ve reached out to our favorite entomologist, Dr. Craig Stoops, to answer our questions about ticks, tick control, and tick bite prevention.

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