Celebrating Fathers Day 2020

The third Sunday in June is here, and that means it’s time to celebrate Dad!

hammock dad

This year things are different for most regions of the country, and you may have to be creative in the ways you give Dad his special day. If you partner with Mosquito Authority, you know Dad will have a comfortable, safe, mosquito-free yard to hang out in the hammock and relax on his special day.

Some ideas for activities if you are in an area that is still in some phase of a lockdown:

  • If it’s allowed in your region, and safe for your family, invite a small group over to enjoy lunch outside.
  • Take him fishing. But make sure you have a backup dinner plan in case nothing’s biting!
  •  Need to stay inside? Let him pick the movie, board game, or puzzle.
  • Pick up take out from his favorite restaurant.
  • Go for a bike ride or a hike. Check the new rules and hours that might affect your nearby parks and trails before heading out.
  • Play catch or soccer or badminton in the yard.

Learn about the history of Father’s Day from The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Check that out here.