Fun For Kids: Coloring Pages

Little children at the library doing crafts

Here are a few coloring pages from Mom Junction, for an easy way to beat boredom! Click the critter name to download the page. 


Some facts about ladybugs:

  • Ladybugs are beetles.
  • They’re not always red with black dots! Colors range from black/grey to orange/red. 
  • Speaking of spots… sometimes they have none! And the pattern varies, as well, depending on the species.
  • They lift their colorful shell to expose their wings when they need to fly. 
  • Ladybugs are good for a garden, as they eat aphids off your plants.


Some interesting things you may not know about centipedes:

  • Centipedes use their legs like little lassoes to catch and restrain prey.
  • Most species of centipedes have fewer than 60 legs, not 100 as their name suggests.
  • They have one pair of legs on each segment of their body.
  • Baby centipedes are born with 8 legs, and add more as they grow.
  • Centipedes mainly eat insects and spiders.