Invite Butterflies To Your Yard


Not only do butterflies serve a purpose as pollinators, but they are quite beautiful to observe flitting around your yard. Butterflies are really just on a quest for nectar, and there are an abundance of plants which will bring them to you. 

Milkweed is the only plant on which monarch butterflies feed. In order to keep the population of that iconic butterfly thriving, find a milkweed plant compatible to your region and plant it this year. 

The best choices are to select plants which attract butterflies to lay their eggs and stay a while. Do keep in mind that the traditional “butterfly bush” is considered an invasive species in many regions because it can spread aggressively and crowd out native plants. 

Farmer’s Almanac provides a complete list of what to plant in your yard to attract all species of butterflies. Click here for that list and more information.