Just For Kids: Insect Field Guide


There’s no doubt kids enjoy playing outdoors. Even with screens and tablets available to them, they enjoy exploring their outside space and using their imaginations to create worlds of adventure. 

Create a Field Guide

Most kids go through a phase where they are obsessed with an insect or bugs in general. Check out Bug Facts for some detailed yet easy-to-understand information about a variety of insects. Depending on their age and reading level, you can work together to make a field guide using the information on Bug Facts (see link above). 

  • Find out what insects are common in your area, and create a booklet or sheet with images and a brief physical description. 
  • Challenge your child to find the insect based on where in your yard they may reside. Of course you wouldn’t recommend they find stinging or harmful insects, but perhaps they can observe them from afar. 

And while Mosquito Authority would not encourage kids to play with mosquitoes, we think you might enjoy clicking here for some cool facts to teach you a little more about them.