Outdoor Cleaning Tips to Prepare for Spring


Mosquito Authority will eliminate mosquitoes to help make your outdoor space liveable. However, before the mosquitoes arrive this Spring, you’ll want to get your patio furniture ready so you can enjoy hanging outside. 

Here are some tips to help you spruce up your outdoor furniture. 

  • Clean away debris from furniture, as well as from the surrounding area. Use a dustrag or soft brush on the furniture if necessary. 
  • Plastic furniture can be easily cleaned with all-purpose spray and a rag. Replace any pieces which have become cracked or brittle over the winter. 
  • Using soap and water, remove dirt from metal furniture. If there is rust, clean it off with steel wool and consider refreshing the pieces with a coat of paint.
  • Wood furniture is easy to clean with mild commercial products. 
  • Fabrics used on outdoor furniture is often made to be weather-resistant. Check the labels to see how to clean your fabric. It is suggested that cushions are covered or stowed somewhere when not in use to protect them from adverse weather conditions. 

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