Mosquito Control in Your Backyard

Are you unknowingly attracting mosquitoes to your property? Mosquitoes can breed in as little as a ½ inch of standing water, so even items containing water the size of a bottle cap may be mosquito magnets. Many people do not even realize their yard is full of potential mosquito breeding sites until they hire a professional mosquito control service. 

With mosquitoes needing very little water to breed, even small amounts of rainfall or moisture can create a host of breeding sites in your backyard. An important part of mosquito control is preventing these pests from breeding and multiplying. 

So, here are some common places where mosquitoes like to lay eggs and how to prevent them from becoming breeding sites:


Your birdbaths might be attracting more than just birds. It is important to frequently change out the water in your birdbaths (about once a week), because they are very popular breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

Kiddie pools

Backyard pools are fun, but they can also attract mosquitoes if they are not cleaned out properly. If you don’t want to take the time to empty out the pool after each use, be sure to keep it clean and covered when you are not using it.

Tire swings 

Tire swings are popular sites for mosquito breeding because they can easily collect rainwater. Empty any tires in your yard after each rainfall, or drill holes in the bottom of tire swings to let the water drain out.

Toys and buckets

Remember to empty out any toys and buckets in your yard after it rains. These items are high-risk for breeding mosquitoes.

Flower pots

Flowers need water to survive, but that also means your flower pots may attract mosquitoes in search of a breeding site. Make sure to empty out any stagnant water that has collected in your flower pots and planters. 


If leaves have gathered in your gutters and clogged the drainage system, that can result in a buildup of stagnant water. You can prevent your gutters from becoming mosquito breeding sites by cleaning them out regularly.

Trash cans

Garbage can attract a variety of unwanted pests. After a rainfall, water can collect inside your garbage cans or even on the lids. Make sure that your garbage cans are always tightly closed and that you empty any excess water from the lids.

Pet bowls

If you have any pets, water and food bowls left outside can become popular mosquito breeding sites. We recommend emptying and replacing the water, as well as cleaning the bowl, at least once a week.

Grill covers

Just like pretty much everything else left out in your yard overnight, grill covers are prone to collecting water. Frequently check to make sure water is not gathering on the top of your grill cover, especially after heavy rainfall.

Ensuring mosquitoes do not have anywhere to thrive in your yard is a huge part of proper mosquito control. For more information on how to ensure you have a mosquito-free yard and home, check out our other blogs.

Fall Activities to Celebrate the Season

Fall has finally arrived, and with it, the cool weather, changing leaves, and pumpkin spiced lattes. COVID-19 has kept most of us cooped up inside for the majority of 2020, but the one thing it can’t do is keep us from enjoying autumn and the festivities that come with it. 

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the season, whether you are someone who enjoys the outdoors or someone who would rather stay in for a cozy night by the fireplace. Here are some fun, fall activities you can do with the whole family:

Go pumpkin-picking

It wouldn’t be autumn without a day spent in a pumpkin patch. Pumpkin-picking is a classic way to celebrate the season while also getting to enjoy the outdoors with the whole family. Many pumpkin farms even offer extra activities to take part in, such as hay rides and food markets.

Spruce up your fall garden 

Fall is a great time to add some color to your garden. Whether you are a gardening expert or just starting out, there are plenty of beautiful flowers to plant when autumn comes around. Violas, black-eyed Susans, and chrysanthemums are all great options for fall flower planting!

Have a backyard bonfire

Bonfires are a fun way to make the most of a chilly night outdoors. Who doesn’t love s’mores and spooky stories? If you’re worried about being bitten up by mosquitoes, give us a call and we will make sure your backyard is mosquito-free and bonfire-ready!

Plan a family movie night

Sometimes these chilly October nights can have you wanting a night in, so settle in for a family movie night! There are plenty of movies to get you in the festive spirit, so choose one or two (or three) and enjoy a cozy night in.

Visit a corn maze

Corn mazes are fun no matter what your age. If staying inside just doesn’t seem like fun this weekend, enjoying a corn maze is a fun alternative. It’s okay if you get lost in there– that’s half the fun! 

Decorate your house for fall

One of the best ways you can get in the autumn spirit is by putting up some fall decorations. You can even take it to the next level by making your own decorations; homemade wreaths and painted pumpkins are great DIY crafts that everyone can help make!  

Try out some new fall recipes

Autumn brings with it some of the best foods, from pumpkin bread to apple pie. If you are in the baking mood or want to improve your skills in the kitchen, there are plenty of delicious, fall-themed recipes ranging from easy to expert.

Go on a hike

It’s hard to feel motivated to stay active during the colder months of the year, so consider taking your family on a hike. Hiking is not only great exercise, but also a way to enjoy the outdoors and fall foliage with the whole family. 

These are just a few of the many ways to enjoy fall. If you are planning on spending a lot of time outdoors this season, schedule a Mosquito Authority treatment to make sure your backyard is mosquito and tick-free.

Natural Mosquito Repellents and Treatments

1574289265380Whether you’re going on an outdoor adventure or just hanging out in your backyard, making sure you and your family are protected from mosquitoes is a top priority. Mosquitoes can carry a variety of dangerous diseases, from Zika virus to West Nile virus. So, while we do recommend hiring Mosquito Authority to mosquito-proof your home, it is always good to have a few natural mosquito repellents and treatments at your disposal for day-to-day activities.

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World Mosquito Day: What It Means and Why It Is Important

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 12.30.41 PM

Observed on August 20th, World Mosquito Day is a time to stress the importance of protection against and control of mosquitoes. The first step towards better mosquito control is educating yourself on the effects of these pests and knowing how they can endanger you and your loved ones. Here’s what you should know about World Mosquito Day and why it is vital to learn the facts when it comes to these pests.

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