Protecting Your Pets from Heartworms


At Mosquito Authority, we pride ourselves on protecting your family — and this includes the furry family members. We guarantee our service, and if you are ever bitten by a mosquito between scheduled treatments, we will return, re-assess, and re-treat your yard if necessary. 

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Heartworm Prevention in Pets

As you may know, mosquitoes are the sole vector of heartworm disease in dogs and cats. These infographics show how the life cycle of the parasite progresses if your pet remains unprotected. Please see your veterinary care provider to discuss regularly-scheduled heartworm preventative medications for your pets.

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Heartworm Basics from the AHS

At Mosquito Authority, our mission is to protect you and your family from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. Of course, your family includes the furry, four-legged members! Heartworm can be fatal, and protecting your pets is important. The only way to ensure your pet is protected from heartworm is to receive regular treatment courtesy of your veterinarian.  

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American Heartworm Society


Most pet owners know that heartworm is a real danger, but did you know that mosquitoes are the sole vector of heartworm? Regular preventative treatments for dogs and cats are highly recommended by vets, even if your pets don’t regularly spend time outside. Mosquito Authority can eliminate mosquitoes from your yard, which can be just one step for you to take to keep your pets safe. 

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