Ask The Entomologist: Bee and Pollinator FAQs


As you know, we at Mosquito Authority love bees almost as much as we dislike mosquitoes! We train our Specialists to only treat areas where mosquitoes live and hang out, and to avoid blooming foliage where pollinators reside. Our founder, Joey Osborne, is a beekeeper, as are many of our franchisees and customers, and there are no reported ill effects even though we treat within 10 feet of active, healthy, backyard hives. 

Dr. Craig Stoops, our resident Entomologist, helps answer some of our commonly-asked questions about pollinators we see in our yards.

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American Heartworm Society


Most pet owners know that heartworm is a real danger, but did you know that mosquitoes are the sole vector of heartworm? Regular preventative treatments for dogs and cats are highly recommended by vets, even if your pets don’t regularly spend time outside. Mosquito Authority can eliminate mosquitoes from your yard, which can be just one step for you to take to keep your pets safe. 

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Planting a Flower Garden


Most of our Mosquito Authority family is dealing with winter weather right now, and spring seems so far away. Even if snow is on the ground for you, believe it or not, now is a great time to be planning your flower garden. There is no shortage of options for what to plant, and it can be overwhelming. You can make your decisions by favorite colors or favorite flowers, but you need to make sure the timing of planting is suited to your area and the conditions on your property.

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Prepare Your Yard For Next Spring

Preparing Now Can Reduce Mosquitoes Later

Autumn is here and so are cooler temperatures. The grill is covered, and snacks for football season are now on the menu. The abandoned playset out back means the kids are back to school. Autumn means the end of summer … however it does not mean the end of mosquito season!

Mosquitoes are still lurking and breeding in your yard, which is why prevention during the cooler months is so important. Female mosquitoes are still actively looking for places to lay their eggs, and just a tiny amount of standing water – about a tablespoon! – is all they need. We can help you identify those potential problem areas such as landscaping décor, planters, bird baths, clogged gutters, and more. 

Eliminating breeding grounds and getting rid of the adult mosquitoes before cold weather sets in is the best way to have a more pleasant outdoor experience in early Spring. 

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