The Buzz About…BEES!

All About Honey Bees

Honeybees are an important part of our world, there is no disputing that fact.

All of us at Mosquito Authority love bees almost as much as we despise mosquitoes! Our founder is a beekeeper and has applied mosquito treatment within 10 feet of his hives for years. Many of our franchisees and customers are beekeepers as well, and report no adverse effects on their hives or honey production when their properties are treated regularly for mosquitoes. 

We realize there is a lot of discussion around the use of pesticides related to honeybee health and population. We take care to avoid established hives on customers’ properties and we also will not treat areas where bees and other beneficial insects reside. 

Our Specialists are highly-trained to recognize where mosquitoes breed (stagnant/standing water) and where they reside (trees and shrubs) when they’re not flying around looking for their next meal. We train all our Specialists to avoid blooming foliage on your property, as this is where pollinators will hang out. 

Click below to enjoy this video by Mosquito Authority Founder, Joey Osborne, as he explains our process to reduce mosquitoes while maintaining a high level of respect and care for the honeybees and other pollinators in your yard.