What’s That Bug?


Stories about “murder hornets”, killer bees, and cicada invasions have peppered the news these past few months. If you find one of those in your yard, you’ll probably know exactly what it is. 

But what about the other critters you come across in your yard or in your house? Is that spider friend or foe? Does that beetle in your bathtub indicate an infestation?

InsectIdentification.org can help you figure out what you have come across. They offer a complete database of insects and spiders to make identifying insects easier. 

If you are bitten by an insect – especially one you aren’t able to identify – keep an eye out for symptoms. Entomology Today cautions: “If you’re concerned about an insect or related arthropod that you believe has stung or bitten you or has otherwise presented you with a health concern, please contact a medical professional. If it’s an emergency, dial 911.”